Instagram, daily photos, Brisk Ice Tea and Winning

When I first heard of cell phones having cameras, I thought… “Who needs that?”

Now I’m shooting photos daily on my super slow iPhone 3G. With my LG flip phone I was able to flip it up switch to camera and take a shot of some graffiti while driving… all without looking. Takes time to shoot w/ my clunker, at least 30 seconds.

Enough complaining. An app was released last year called Instagram. I also thought it was just another image site like yfrog or twitpic. I was wrong. There is a small niche iphone community that loves photos. Most people shoot from there iphone, but there are a lot of professional photographers in the mix. Nice site for inspiration.

A few weeks after I picked up the app, I heard about a contest they were holding. Winners get to be on a special edition Brisk can made for SXSW. I added hash tags to two photos to join the fun. One of my photos was picked. So stoked!

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Shot under the bay bridge

I shot this on the way to work. Took it with the iPhone. Only tweak was contrast since the phone takes flat looking photos.


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Sunset at Daly City Bart

Shot this on the way home last week. Nice to have a camera handy. Rays look cool peaking out of the clouds.

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Redbull gives you wings

I finally picked up the Red Bull X2010 prototype. Test drove it he other night. A-spec as way more fun than B-spec, but I had to collect cars first. B-spec is perfect when I don’t have time to get behind the wheel. Which is 99% of the time, haha. In this photo I was driving a race in Rome. Hit a divider while avoiding slow traffic! I actually flew twice as high as the building, but this was a better shot.

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Sky between 5:00 to 5:30 2/25/11

Sky between 5:00 to 5:30 2/25/11, originally uploaded by Reign One.

Just got this cool called photo shake. While going home I took these shots.

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Do you flip?

Do you flip?, originally uploaded by Reign One.

Using a shot with the board flipping would make sense.

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What Happens in Vegas

Car rental company messed up. We reserved a swagger wagon and all they had were Ram Hemi’s.

Had some good Japanese food though!

We were there to set up a house mom and gramma bought last year. Builders are wack, water heater out of commission, one of the furnaces broken. This means another trip. Can’t believe this passed any inspection. House still smells brand new. Nice pad. Just freezing. We didn’t stay there.

Hit up Stussy and chatted w/ Neek. Also copped a dope Stussy x Neighborhood Beanie and shirt.

Beer is always good

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Word Up 3

The third Word Up was smooth. We’re teching cars upon entry, no passengers and no spectators. People don’t understand that random people walking on the track is super dangerous. We don’t have time to babysit knuckleheads who ignore the rules and endanger themselves… and the drivers. It’s a fun event, just keeping things safe.

This time I brought an SLR to practice shooting. Haven’t panned since FD Long beach. Here’s what I came up with.

One of my favorite cars was this RX7 truck. It’s vinyl wrapped and the sticker on the front rules.

I like these rims.

The staff drifters kick ass.

I also love these rims.

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Tilt Shift SF Construction

Tilt Shift SF Construction, originally uploaded by Reign One.

Saw this on the way to lunch. The construction vehicles, cones and Bug driving by is the perfect combination for a tilt shift scene!

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Crystal Clear GT5

Crystal Clear GT5, originally uploaded by Reign One.

For the past week I tried playing GT5 with the cables that came stock with the PS3. Found myself squinting to read the blurry text. That didn’t help! Acquired some HDMI cables and thanks to Andy and Jason, got the new TV mounted and all hooked up. Wires hidden/tucked and all! It helps that I already had surround sound with the old TV. Should help with the driving experience!

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