Instagram, daily photos, Brisk Ice Tea and Winning

When I first heard of cell phones having cameras, I thought… “Who needs that?”

Now I’m shooting photos daily on my super slow iPhone 3G. With my LG flip phone I was able to flip it up switch to camera and take a shot of some graffiti while driving… all without looking. Takes time to shoot w/ my clunker, at least 30 seconds.

Enough complaining. An app was released last year called Instagram. I also thought it was just another image site like yfrog or twitpic. I was wrong. There is a small niche iphone community that loves photos. Most people shoot from there iphone, but there are a lot of professional photographers in the mix. Nice site for inspiration.

A few weeks after I picked up the app, I heard about a contest they were holding. Winners get to be on a special edition Brisk can made for SXSW. I added hash tags to two photos to join the fun. One of my photos was picked. So stoked!

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