Skratching at Q’s

Went to Q’s house with Mark after the gallery opening. He got on the decks for a few minutes and it was dope! I’m always amazed watching him skratch.

It seems that everyone at the house can skratch hella good. It was intimidating. I haven’t skratched in years! I finally got on and it was like riding a bike. That setup is so clean and slick. The fader glides so smooth like zero friction! I had no idea where any of the samples were on the record so once I found a “it’s fresh ahhhhh” I kept it there, haha. Had a cool session w/ Lars, a cool guy w/ a gold tooth who’s name I forgot and another guy who I didn’t even meet.

Years ago, Qbert gave me some of the best advice when I was starting off. I asked him, “is it better to learn hamster or regular?” he said,”learn regular, if you want to do hamster, then use the up faders.” Thanks Q!

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